Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Barra Da Tijuca, Jacarepagua.
superficie terreno/site m2
área construcción/constructed m2
Alcadia de Rio
responsable del proyecto/project leader
Franco Micucci
equipo de trabajo/project team
Sara Lipps; Claudia Vergara; Andres Guzmán; Andrea Hernández; Jose Ángel Perez; Rodrigo Guerra; Cruz Criollo.
Concurso Internacional para el Plan General Urbanístico del Parque Olímpico Rio 2016
International Competition for the Rio 2016 Olympic Park Master Plan
Rio de Janeiro

The site is located in the south-west of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the Barra de Tijuca district and specifically on Jacarepaguá Lagoon. It is at the north of Lake do Camorim and it has the hills of the city as a background and the atlantic ocean in the front. Apart from its particular shape and high recognition value within its urban and natural surroundings, from its historical context the site is understood as one of social economic and sportive significance, involving at all times gatherings of any kind of vehicles, such as racing cars, motor bikes, airplanes or hot-air balloons.